Dettol Kitchen Cleaning Wipes



Dettol Kitchen Cleaning Wipes Bulk Big and Strong, 6 x 25 Wipes, 150 Wipes Total

Product description


Dettol Big and Strong Kitchen Cleaning Wipes are 2x stronger than normal wipes for tougher cleaning occasions. Dettol Big and Strong Kitchen cleaning wipes kill 99.9 percent of bacteria such as E. coli and remove tough stains like grease and burnt on food. Suitable for food preparation surfaces, kitchen work surfaces, cooker tops, sealed wood surfaces, glass surfaces, draining boards, greasy hobs, bins, vinyl and sealed laminated floors and linoleum.


1. Pull back the resealable cover, pull out wipe. 2. Reseal after each usage and store cover facing down to avoid drying out 3. Wipe surface for a more hygienic clean and then dispose of wipe.

About this item

  • Bigger and stronger than normal kitchen cleaner wipes for tougher cleaning occasions in the kitchen
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Easy to use format, ideal for a quick and easy clean up.
  • Get tough on grime, grease and burnt on food.
  • Suitable for kitchen surfaces, cooker top, greasy surfaces, bins, cupboard handles etc.


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