Used Rail Iron Scrap R50-R65



Used Rail Iron Scrap R50-R65

Used Rail Iron Scrap R50-R65 for sale. TheUsed Railsbeing supplied hereinafter referred to as “goods” shall meet the following specifications:


Used Rail Iron Scrap R50-R65 to be supplied under the present contract shall conform with the steel scrap specifications and standards of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) and and SGS INSPECTION will be made at the discharge port after arrival of the vessel at the unloading port and shall be strictly limited to used rails and scrap steel to the standards specifically set out below:

  1. a)R50-R60: used long rail steel scrap in compliance with ISRI standard classification R50 (51.67 kg/m),Suitable for re-rolling into bars and shapes. Free from bent and twisted rails, frog, switches, and guard rails, or rails with split rail.
  2. b) R65: used long rail steel scrap in compliance with ISRI standard classification R65(64.72 kg/m), in length1 & 1,5meters on per bar basis, Suitable for re-rolling into bars and shapes. Free from bent and twisted rails, frog, switches, and guard rails, or rails with split rail.
  3. c)Clean scrap without slag, dross, trash, wood, plastic, oily parts, grease, alloy, prohibited goods,whole sets of machine, vehicles, and usable parts for machines, cast iron, motor turning blocks, engine blocks, war and explosive or armor plated materials, excess rust, corrosion, dust and dirt, mud or wastes and without any harmful impurities and totally free of radioactive contamination and poisonous material and any other materials exceeding the level accepted and allowed by international acceptable norms.
  1. d)All scraps shall be free of explosive and oily materials and woody substance in any event.
  2. e)Packing arrangement:In break bulk


C: 0.54 – 0.82

Si: 0.18 – 0.40

Mn: 0.60 – 1.05

S: 0.04 max

P: 0.035 max

As: 0.01 max of Mass share

Norms: R-50 GOST-7173-75 and R-65 GOST-8165-75

R50 (51.67 KG/M) – GOST 7173-75

R65 (64.72 KG/M) – GOST 8165-75

Chemical composition shall fully be ISRI compliant for all R50 – R65 used long rails steel.

  1. Technical terms: USED RAIL R50-R65
  2. Origin: The Netherlands / Turkey
  3. Specifications and Chemical Composition:

Used Rail Iron Scrap R50-R65: R50 (51.67KG/Meter, GOST 7173-55), Used Rail: R65 (64.72KG/Meter, GOST 8161-75).

Size & Weight:

Length: 12meter ~ 12.5meter Maximum or less according to buyer’s instruction;

Width: 5.5 inches; Weight: 64.72Kg. No fishplates or steel pieces or bolts are attached to the used rails. All rails are clean and straight. No pitting. Only atmospheric rust. No heavy rust. It is mandatory that Rails must be cut into length 1.2 meters (max.) before shipment.

  1. Packing Used Rail Iron Scrap R50-R65: Container or Bulk Shipment.
  2. Inspection: Inspection will be carried out by SGS or any reputed inspection agency for quality and quantity/weights at the load port. A certificate issued by the inspecting agency will form part of documents along with B/L, Invoice etc. Also, cargo inspection by SGS or a reputed inspection agency will be carried out at the destination port on arrival and a report to the effect will be issued.


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